A name you can trust. A service you can rely on.

In addition to our core offering of saw milling, treatment and processing, we also offer a range of specialist timber services which allows us to deliver for all your timber needs.

From timber grading to cross-cutting and bundling, we handle it all. Our production capabilities are the best in the UK, thanks to our continued investment in machinery, and processes, and our evolving approach to meeting customer demands. And our team are supported so that they can always go the extra mile to make sure we deliver, not just our timber products, but exceptional service and care from factory floor to door. It’s why our customers count on us, trust us, and come back to us time and time again.

Bespoke Machining

Tailored for you and your customers.
Ideal for those dealing with a special refurbishment contract or for those who want something different from normal stock products, we offer a bespoke timber machining service tailored specifically to our customers’ requirements.
Offered on both large and small runs we can offer a special machining service complete from design of profiled patterns through to the manufacture of finished products.

Cross-Cutting and Bundling

Creating efficiencies in our cross-service offering.
Ideal for timber studs and joist specifications, we offer a cross-cutting service which is very popular with timber frame housebuilders that, when combined with our bundling and clear labelling, is perfect for identifying plot/reference details, helping to speed up the manufacturing process.
In addition, we also offer cross-cutting services for door frame manufacture materials.


UK wide delivery services.
Operating throughout the UK with bases in Scotland and the North of England, we work closely with our trusted logistics partners to offer unrivalled delivery services on our stock and bespoke items and mixed product loads.
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High and Low Pressure Treatment

Preserving the quality.
In order to preserve the end use of our timber, we have been at the forefront of preservative applications since 1976. Preservative treatment is critical for ensuring timber has added durability and is suitable for its desired end use.

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Primed and ready to go.
Our priming service is the application of a single coat of primer to the visible surfaces of our timber. All of which is conducted in dry and controlled conditions.
This saves our customers both time and money, whilst speeding up the finishing process our priming service is a popular service with door-set manufacturing companies and others alike.

Re-Sawing and Machining

Specialised skills, knowledge and technology all under one roof.
Bespoke timber machining and finishing requires a fine blend of specialised skills, knowledge and machinery to get the job right.
We have the ability and facilities to offer a re-sawing and machining service enabling us to cut and machine timber specific to our customers’ requirements. This means our customers are able to source all their requirements at one time.

Timber Grading

Understanding timber characteristics.
A process in which timbers with similar structural properties are sorted into different groupings. Timber is specified by its grade, so it is important to understand the terms used in grading, and the characteristics of each grade.
We have a qualified visual stress grader and stress grading machine service, allowing us to grade material appropriate to our customers’ needs and requirements.