Timber frame and floor joists

Treated with a low pressure preservative; for use above the Damp Proof Course (DPC), our full range of high quality structural whitewood timber is ideal for both the construction of timber frames and floor joists.

All our structural timber is available in both rough sawn form, and our more popular regular uniformed version. Whilst also being stress graded and regulated by size, all the structural timber on offer is FSC®/PEFC certified. FSC® Licence No FSC-C015696/PEFC Licence No 16-37-112. Both half and full delivery load options are available as well as being part of a larger multi-product delivery.

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Why choose Structural Timber

  • Uniformed in size
  • Stress graded
  • Available as both rough sawn and regular form

Our range includes

  • CLS - stocked in a variety of sizes including 2.4m and 4.8m this popular and widely used construction/house building timber offers versatility. Planed all round with eased edges ensures its user friendly and easy to work with
  • C16 - referring to the products strength, the sawn timber in the C16 collection comes in a variety of widths and lengths ideal for all building needs. The collection has also been stress graded offering a high quality option when it comes to all roofing and general home building work
  • C24 - graded as being a premium structural timber, C24 provides a greater strength than our C16 timber making it a more demanding grade, capable of handling higher loads and wider spans. Ultimately giving a better-quality structural option, due partly to the 50% longer timber growth time allowing for more growth rings to be established
  • Unseasoned Carcassing - Generally used where a grading stamp is not required, unseasoned softwood is commonly used for the likes of dwangs, firestops, bracings and strapping to help support the construction of timber frame structures

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