A name you can trust

We invest in our team so that they continue to build on the expertise of previous generations. We want to build on our reputation, not rest on it, so we’re constantly looking for ways to be better and offer our customers more. We build and nurture long standing relationships with our customers. We take time to get to know each and every customer we work with. We learn about their business and what matters to them. We go further to deliver on our promises, with great service, quality products and delivery times that make us a trusted partner for countless customers. We’re proud that many of our customers have counted on us for years, and we put in the work to make sure we continue to go further to meet their needs.

Employee Story: Gary Craig

Gary joined JDT Leven in August 1985 which means he’s recently celebrated his 36th anniversary with the company! After leaving Buckhaven high school, he started work as an apprentice in the sawmill and he’s been there ever since.

As a ‘Jack of all Trades’, Gary has worked as a Mill Foreman, Yard Foreman as well as working as Transport and Treatment Supervisors. He is currently working on the planer/moulding machine, setting up all the various profiles for moulding the timber.

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Employee Story: David Seath

David joined the group in 1985 straight out of college as a management trainee. The management trainee programme was designed to train new recruits in all aspects of the business from the sawmill, to designing and assembling roof trusses to accounting and sales. David quickly identified sales as the area in which he was best suited to and has since been a Sales Manager for James Donaldson Timber.

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