Sheet Material Panel Products

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We supply a range of Sheet Materials for all construction and joinery needs.

Technical Details


We offer a wide range of Certified Plywood Panels, sourced from sustainable environments and available in a range of thicknesses, sizes and types. This includes FSC and PEFC quality products.

Made using different varieties of original timber, the various types of plywood can be used for different applications - suitable for roofing, flooring, hoardings and walls.

We can supply softwood, hardwood, marine, birch faced and framework MDO plywood.


MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is manufactured by bonding wood fibres with resin and wax under high temperatures and pressure to create panels that can be used in building applications for which you would normally use plywood, blockboard and particle board.

MDF is a useful woodwork product, predominately used for making cabinets thanks to its affordability, lack of natural defects and range of available sizes. It’s typically covered with a plastic laminate and sealant to increase the aesthetics, plus, this prevents the fibres from becoming loose and airborne.


OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered wood-based sheet material, designed to be strong and reliable. It is structurally engineered for performance in a variety of uses, mainly in timber frame kit manufacture. It is also often used in packaging and sheathing where a solid faced panel is needed.

OSB is a natural alternative option to softwood plywood. It’s a more cost-effective option compared to plywood but achieves the same performance requirements.

SterlingOSB has excellent moisture tolerance and is less at risk of stress related issues such as warping and ply separation. Plus, OSB has exceptional dimensional stability as well as a uniform structure with no knots or core voids.

Why choose Panel Products


  • Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes and types
  • Ideal for roofing, flooring, hoardings and walls
  • Various types of plywood are suitable for different purposes


  • Cost effective
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • No natural defects
  • Can be easily machined
  • Mainly used in cabinet making 


  • Strong, reliable and versatile
  • Used in timber frame kit manufacture as well as packaging and sheathing
  • Cost-effective alternative to plywood
  • High moisture tolerance – less susceptible to stress related issues like warping and ply separation
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • No knots or core voids


Sheet Material Panel Products

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